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The Cop Therapist: A Police Commander's Story of Mental Health Advocacy and Healing with Kevin W. Condon, LCSW, BCD

November 21, 2022 Lara Effland, Kevin W. Condon Season 1 Episode 8
Clinician to Clinician with Lara Effland
The Cop Therapist: A Police Commander's Story of Mental Health Advocacy and Healing with Kevin W. Condon, LCSW, BCD
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Kevin W. Condon, LCSW, BCD

In June of 2002, Kevin retired from the City of Coral Gables (FL) Police Department’s (CGPD) as a lieutenant with over 25 years of service. At the time of his retirement, Kevin was serving as the Commander of the CGPD Crisis Management Team - Crisis Negotiation Team and Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT). He was also the CGPD Field Training Lieutenant. Kevin participated as a clinical member of a regional Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team for emergency responders serving Miami-Dade County.

Following his retirement from CGPD, Kevin began a second career as a mental health professional. Since September of 2002, Kevin has worked in community, state residential, and university settings. In March of 2018, Kevin retired from the position of Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) after over 6 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Atlanta. 

In November of 2018, Kevin founded ‘Law Enforcement Response to Mental Health, LLC’. He provides training, consultation, contractual agreements, presentations, and individual therapy related to law enforcement and mental health.

Kevin developed a Mental Health and Wellness Program for law enforcement agencies, based on a published article he authored. Focus areas of the program include reducing public safety deaths by suicide and eliminating the stigma associated with public safety personnel inquiring about and utilizing mental health services. Kevin works with agencies in the development and implementation of a Mental Health and Wellness Program modified to meet agency specific needs.

Kevin is certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.) as a Guest Lecturer on the topics of Law Enforcement Response to People with a Mental Illness and Law Enforcement Mental Health and Self-Care. He is also a certified instructor for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and has presented at several Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) trainings. 

Kevin is recognized as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on law enforcement and mental health by the Collaborative Reform Initiative-Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC). CRI-TAC is a partnership between the Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and other leading law enforcement agencies.

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