Clinician to Clinician with Lara Effland

Honesty: A Vital Value

January 18, 2023 Lara Effland Season 2 Episode 11
Clinician to Clinician with Lara Effland
Honesty: A Vital Value
Show Notes

As a cornerstone value of the Clinician Development Collective, Honesty is something that requires the utmost attention and integrity. I deemed this to be the first solo podcast topic for 2023 because I believe that honesty is especially important topic for leaders, clinicians and mentors.

Leaders, clinicians, and mentors are always striving not only to verbalize facts but intentional words which are tailored depending on the circumstance or relationship at hand – all while considering how honesty can promote growth in ourselves and those around us. 

When we truly practice the value of honesty as a clinician, leader, or mentor it can be such an incredible asset in relationship building, supporting others, and taking care of ourselves.

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